This page details plans for the ARCP panels for Radiology South  trainees. 

There will be one main annual panel on Thursday, 22 October 2020 and details can be found below. But please take note of the general advice below regarding your portfolio and contact with your ES.

Dr Rutherford has also arranged shorter panels through the year, primarily  for trainees due to complete their training later in the year. These panels will also be held at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield and trainees will be contacted separately to confirm their final ARCP date. The panel dates are:

  • 9 June;
  • 7 July;
  • 22 September
  • 15 December

If you have any queries about the ARCP process or when your next ARCP should take place, contact Dr Rutherford in the first instance. We recommend you also discuss your Kaizen portfolio and evidence of training progression with your Educational Supervisor on a regular basis and especially in good time for your ARCP. Any trainees needing support or advice about Kaizen should first visit the College website or contact the College.

Trainees will be asked to complete a Form R(B) in advance of their ARCP. This should be emailed to the School of Radiology mailbox, in addition to uploading to your ePortfolio.

Annual ARCP Panel - 22nd October 2020

The annual ARCP panel for South trainees will be held at the Radiology Training Room, Royal Hallamshire Hospital on Thursday 22 October 2020. Timings for each trainee will follow later in the year. But all trainees are asked to note this date in their diary and work towards having their portfolios ready by 30th September.

This is the main annual panel where the majority of trainees will have their annual ARCP assessment. (If you attended your annual ARCP earlier in the year it is unlikely you will be asked to attend this date - but Dr Rutherford will be in touch if this changes).

Full details will be sent to individual trainees later this summer, by end of August 2019, along with details on whether the panel would like you to be present for your ARCP. A further notification will be sent in early October confirming your ARCP appointment time.

Trainees should avoid booking leave on this date. But if you know you have already booked leave for this date, please contact Dr Rutherford as soon as you can, so this can be factored into planning.