Local Teaching and Novice Courses

 All hospitals receiving “Novice” anaesthetists will run a preparatory educational programme for the Initial Assessment of Competence (IAC). You will receive information about this at the local induction to your Trust. The IAC preparation programme is essential to ensure you are ready to deliver anaesthesia safely, start out-of-hours work and begin training in earnest. The IAC preparation will usually culminate in an assessment of dealing with emergency scenarios. In addition, the South locality runs its own Novice course details of which can be accessed through the box below.

via Zoom

starting Friday, 13 November 2020 (10am)
A weekly 10-minute Zoom teaching session led by consultants and trainees
Topics will include: exam revision, audit/QIP, interesting cases, and journal articles; taught by a range of consultants and trainees from across the region

contact Dr Andreas Sotiriou


ICAN Course

  • 8-week course (once a week)
  • Mapped to RCoA curriculum
  • Blended Learning integrated with RCoA e-learning
  • Simulator sessions at Montague Centre
  • Didactic lectures/small group teaching
  • Confirmation of elearning modules completed
  • Exam at the end of the course - detailed feedback of trainee strengths and weaknesses
  • Superb feedback from trainees

for further information please contact michael.robinson20@nhs.net

2020 programme dates 

Local teaching

Every placement in each of the ‘hub’ hospitals has a specific departmental teaching programme. It may take the form of a weekly morning meeting, a lunchtime meeting, half day teaching or a study day. Your college tutors are best placed to advise you about the in-house teaching programme in your placement.  A full list of the College Tutors available within each hospital is detailed in the CONTACTS section.
You are encouraged to make full use of the local teaching programmes available as they rely on the dedication of enthusiastic consultants and trainees in order to continue.






 Wednesday, 21 October 2020


 Hull Royal Infrimary, HILS



 Wednesday, 21 October 2020


 York (Critical indident)



 Wednesday, 21 October 2020




 Friday, 23 October 2020 (PM)

 Rotherham (via Zoom) CART


 wei.low@nhs.net  a.hartog@nhs.net

 Friday, 20 November 2929

 Barnsley  CART


 wei.low@nhs.net  a.hartog@nhs.net

 Friday, 18 December 2020

 Doncaster CART


 wei.low@nhs.net  a.hartog@nhs.net