International Medical Graduate (IMG)

INDUCTION Information

To assist trainees who graduated overseas we have developed specific resources and induction presentations.

A downloadable guide produced by one of our trainees can be accessed HERE. It contains large amounts of useful information and hyperlinks. Please bear in mind that information such as this goes out of date very quickly so please use this information as a guide only.

The presentation that accompanies this guide can be accessed HERE


IMG Yorkshire Conference
Hull Royal Infirmary
Thursday, 27 October 2022

The first ever IMG Yorkshire conference will be held at Hull Royal Infirmary on 27 October.
The conference aims to cover topics that will be useful for IMG doctors who are transitioning into the NHS, and also provide an opportunity to meet other IMGs in the region.

Please feel free to share this link with other IMG colleagues.



A ‘Welcoming and Valuing International Medical Graduates: Launching an inclusive induction’ webinar was run on 27th June 2022. Information from this webinar has been duplicated below, including useful links. During the webinar the importance of a continued partnership to support IMGs throughout their careers was highlighted. If you are interested in joining this community of practice, we will be sharing the names and contact details of those who have already offered their support on the Ethnicity and Health Unit website.

The organisers will also collate and upload answers to questions, feedback and suggestions about the IMG induction programme and its implementation to the Ethnicity and Health Unit website. These details may take a few weeks to upload, so please check back frequently. To those who were not able to attend the webinar, you can view the recording from the webinar here: Watch IMG Induction Launch 2022 

You can download the #IMGInduction programme here:

You can access HEE’s e-Learning for Health (elfh) module here: