How much holiday do I get as an FD?

You are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday in the 12 months training period. You are not however able to take more than 3 days in the first 8 weeks of the training year or take a holiday when there is a study day without the written approval of the Postgraduate Dental Dean.

Do I get travel and subsistence payments as an FD?

You can claim travel mileage allowance for attendance at the study days but not for your normal place of work.

Claims must be made within 3 months of the event. 

Trainees are expected to use the most economical method of transport including walking short distances and, for example, using free hospital buses. Train tickets should be booked in advance, and only standard class travel will be paid.

My trainer has a branch practice. Can I work there?

You can only work at the approved training practice. Any changes to this must be approved by Health Education England, working across Yorkshire and the Humber.

I do some private work. Can I be paid for this?

As an Foundation Dentist you may only receive your salary. It is not permitted to receive any private fees.

My trainer says that posterior composites have to be done privately and cannot be offered under the NHS. Is this correct?

This is not correct. As long as it is clinically necessary you will be expected to do posterior composites under the NHS.

My practice insists I work evenings and Saturday mornings as part of my contract. Can I refuse?

Practice hours should be agreed in advance. As a Dental Foundation Trainee, it would not be expected for you to do excessive or antisocial hours.  If in doubt seek the advice of your Training Programme Director before you agree to the proposed practice hours.