Eligibility for Attendance of Courses.

These courses are funded out of resources disbursed to Postgraduate Dental Deans by the Department of Health. A dentist providing general dental services under the NHS in Yorkshire can attend an approved course without payment of a course fee, as can dentists employed in the Community Dental Service and in Personal Dental Service schemes.

A charge may be made however, to cover refreshments or meals, for which a dentist may be able to claim some subsistence allowance. A charge may also be levied for materials which may be required for courses if these prove to be particularly expensive. In determining whether a dentist provides general dental services, it will be sufficient to show that his/her name is included on a dental list of a Health Authority. Dental Foundation Practitioners are also welcome to attend, gaining accreditation for those attendances. Priority, however, in the case of limited courses, will be given to established practitioners in the GDS, CDS and PDS.

Non-eligible dentists are welcome to attend courses organised under MPET provision as long as there are places available: eligible practitioners are given first priority. A charge may be made for attendance by non-eligible practitioners.

When a course is over-subscribed, delegates are selected on a first come, first served basis by the Postgraduate Dental Dean or his nominee, although consideration is given to the frequency of attendance by individual practitioners.