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What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a 2 year programme designed to act as a bridge between medical school and specialty training. It creates the opportunity to gain experience working in a number of different specialties and was introduced in 2005 to replace the Pre-Registration House Officer (PRHO) year.

The training is supported by a curriculum which describes the domains and progress required to satisfactorily complete each stage.

  • The first year (F1) is required for all UK graduates and some others (as determined by the General Medical Council (GMC)).
  • Successful completion results in progression from provisional to full registration.
  • In the second year there is a focus on consolidating and developing F1 competencies but with a greater emphasis on training in the assessment and management of the acutely ill patient irrespective of the clinical setting.


Your F1 year will:

  • Confirm that you can put in to practice as a doctor the knowledge, skills and attitudes you learnt as a student (as outlined in The New Doctor)
  • Provide you with a safe environment in which to learn new knowledge and skills at the same time as encouraging your professional development.

Your F2 year will:

  • Increase your knowledge and skills as you will experience different specialties
  • Give you the opportunity to try out specialties you may be interested in pursuing as a career with taster days

YHFS has 4 Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship Programmes being advertised nationally. For more information please see FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME. From August 2019, YHFS introduced 18 GP Longitudinal Integrated Foundation Programmes (LIFT), for more information please see our LIFT PAGE. These programmes are available via the Foundation Priority Programme vacancy.

How to Apply

For details of how to apply, please see our Recruitment and Retention section.


Please note that the YHFS FPP programmes in the below docuemnt may not match what is advertised on Oriel. The spreadsheet below contains the correct FPP programme information and details. We are unable to update Oriel at this time.