Assessments and ARCP


Each trainee is supported by a structured appraisal and assessment process delivered by the Educational Supervisor and overseen by the deanery.

The appraisal consists of an initial interview and an end of term appraisal within each four or six month post. A mid-term meeting may also occasionally be required if necessary. This process is consistent across F1 and F2.

For curriculum information, please see the key documents page of the UKFPO website. 

A new version of the curriculum was published in June 2016 along with a new version of the Reference Guide, both of these documents are available on the UKFPO website.


Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

Towards the end of the F1 and F2 years, the local Foundation Training Programme Director (FTPD) & Foundation School will hold an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel where the progress of all local foundation doctors will be reviewed.  The panel looks at evidence, including from the e-portfolio, assessments & SLEs, and supervisors' reports, in order to decide if the trainee has satisfactorily completed that level of training, or to recommend what further training or support may be needed.  Local foundation administrators will have further information about ARCP arrangements in each area.

All doctors are required to take part in the revalidation process.  Information about revalidation is available on the Revalidation section of the main HEE YH site.

If trainees have had a prolonged period of sickness or absence for another reason, the ARCP panel may decide that they need to extend their training. Further information regarding absence during your Foundation Programme can be found on the GMC website.


2019 Central ARCP Dates

Please note, all central ARCP's will take place in the HEE Hull Office in the first week of July 2019 and trainees will be reviewed centrally from their set rotations as per below.

Monday 1st July 2019                       Barnsley, Bradford and Leeds

Tuesday 2nd July 2019                     Airedale, Hull and Scunthorpe

Wednesday 3rd July 2019                Doncaster, Sheffield and York

Thursday 4th July 2019                     Harrogate, Grimsby and Mid Yorkshire

Friday 5th July 2019                          Calderdale and Huddersfield, Rotherham and Scarborough


Team Assessment Behaviour (TAB)

TAB is a screening tool to help identify foundation doctors who may need additional support. It is used early in foundation training so this can be identified as early as possible. However, in the majority of cases, no concerns are identified and TAB confirms good professional behaviour. A minimum of one TAB assessment is required per year.

Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX)

Evaluation of an observed clinical encounter with developmental feedback provided immediately after the encounter. Six within FY1 and six within FY2 i.e. 2 per 4 month post. These should be completed by Consultants, GPs and experienced SpRs.

Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)

Structured checklist for the assessment of practical procedures. Six within FY1 and six within FY2 i.e. 2 per 4 month post. These can be done by Consultants, SpRs, GPs, Nurses or Allied Health Professionals.

Case-based Discussion (CbD)

Structured discussion of clinical cases managed by the trainee. Its particular strength is evaluation of clinical reasoning. Six within FY1 and six within FY2 i.e. 2 per 4 month post. These should be completed by a Consultant, preferably your Clinical Supervisor.

Log Book of Procedures

This consists of 15 required core procedures which must be assessed and recorded in the eportfolio. Each procedure must be done by a trained assessor and can not include FY1 doctors. (This log book replaces the previous DOP assessments, DOPs are now reserved for procedures not in the core list). All 15 procedures must be completed by the end of FY1 training in order to be signed off. FY2’s without the required competencies already, will need to complete the remainder of 15 core procedures on this new method before being signed off at the end of the year.