Teaching and Training


HEE Yorkshire and the Humber offers a wide range of opportunities for foundation doctors to build on their personal and professional development. 

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Final year medical students have the opportunity to undertake a post-finals assistantship in the clinical environment. Where possible this will occur within the F1 role that they will be starting in August. 

The duration and location of the assistantship depend on the arrangements of the specific Medical school. 

For more information about Yorkshire Medical School arrangements see the Assistantship tab.

Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap (BtG) courses have been designed to ease the transition from F1 to further training. 

It is mandatory to attend ONE full-day BtG course or equivalent for completion of F2. 

For more information see the Bridging the Gap tab.

Reflective Practice

There is a wide range of resources available to trainees on how to improve their reflective practice. 

For more information see the Reflective Practice tab.

Regional Training Days

Trainees in Yorkshire and the Humber have the unique opportunity to attend Regional Training Days across their foundation training. These training days have been developed to assist trainees in obtaining their curriculum competencies with a particular focus on the vital non-clinical components of their personal and professional development. 

For more information see the Regional Training Days tab.

Taster Days

All foundation trainees can take up to 5 taster days across F1 (towards the end only) and F2. This provides trainees with the opportunity to experience a specialty they do not have as a rotation during their foundation training. 

It is recommended that no more than 3 days are taken in one training year. 

For more information see the Taster days tab.

Weekly Teaching

F1s have protected weekly teaching time to reinforce a wide range of clinical topics covered by the foundation curriculum.  The teaching is usually held in each of the main hospitals, and sometimes by video-link. 

Trainees are expected to attend 70% of weekly teaching.

Please note some trusts offer weekly teaching for F2 doctors.