GP Trainers.

There is now a statutory responsibility for ensuring the quality of General Practice Training. The GMC require each trainer to demonstrate standards, evidence and documentation of this on a 5 yearly cycle.

The evidence required will consist of:

  • The Practice as an effective Learning and Training environment
  • The Trainee (GPStR) in Practice
  • The GP Trainer as a Clinical and Educational Supervisor (Educational Knowledge and Skills for GP training)

The Yorkshire and Humber School of Primary Care have a dedicated team of clinicians and administrative staff to support both intending GP trainers and current GP Trainers to meet these requirements and ease the journey through the pathway of GP Trainer Approval and Re-approval whilst ensuring you have the opportunity to develop your educator skills.

The Trainer Quality assurance team consists of:

Name Position
Dr Sarah Jordan GP Lead for Quality Assurance
Dr Chris Webb GP Locaility Lead
Dr Pratik Basu GP Locaility Lead
Dr Dominic Shirt GP Locaility Lead
Sarah Walker Quality Manager
Michele Hannon Quality Administrator

See further information for New and Intending GP Trainers or Current GP Trainers.