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HEE Statement Less Than Full Time Training

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All policies can be found below. 

LTFT applications are processed on a regional basis (rather than a training School split) and can be contacted via the following email:

ALL Foundation TraineesLTFTEast.YH@hee.nhs.uk

ALL Dental Trainees: LTFTSouth.YH@hee.nhs.uk 

North East Yorkshire Trainees: LTFTEast.YH@hee.nhs.uk  
West Yorkshire Trainees: LTFTWest.YH@hee.nhs.uk
South Yorkshire Trainees: LTFTSouth.YH@hee.nhs.uk

RCoA Less than Full Time (LTFT) Matters 2019

The Royal College of Anaesthetists are hosting this event on 17th October 2019 and have kindly opened it up to doctors in all specialties of training.  Details regarding the venue, agenda and booking details can be found on the RCoA website here: https://www.rcoa.ac.uk/education-and-events/ltft-matters-2019

LTFT Workshops

A great opportunity to meet fellow LTFTT applicants and hear from APDs, TPDs, the LTFTT administration team and current LTFTT trainees! Trainees from all of Yorkshire and the Humber are invited to attend any of the LTFT Workshops within the region.

'Feel I am armed with knowledge, and have an action plan - thanks!' - May 2019

'Lots of helpful signposting to resources and highlighting areas to read about.' - May 2019

'Many new guidance / Support lines discussed' - May 2019

'Very good. Wish I had the opportunity to attend a workshop like this years ago!' - October 2015

'Very useful in understanding how everything works.' June 2015

'Comprehensive, positive and honest approach to LTFT training.' November 2014


View the Events section for more information on upcoming LTFTT Workshops.


LTFT Peer Support


Facebook:  A group of volunteer admins, who are also LFT trainees, run a facebook group for all LTFT doctors.  This is a public forum inteded to offer peer support, respond to common LTFT queries and sign-post for further advice.  This group is searchable on facebook as 'LTFT Trainees Forum', and there are a series of joining questions.

WhatsApp:  There is a WhatsApp group for Yorkshire and Humber LTFT doctors.  It is intended to enable supporting each other, responding to common queries and sign posting for further advice within the region.  If anyone wishes to join this group please contact either michelle.horridge1@nhs.net or maddyforgartyhover@gmail.com to request this.

The rules for participating in either of these groups are in line with all online activity: be polite, kind professional and respectful and don't post anything you wouldn't be prepared to sign.

Am I eligible to train less than full time?

Any trainee in a substantive HEE approved post can apply for less than full time training on the basis of the below criteria. Please note that trainees of any gender can apply for less than full time training.

If your eligibility is approved, this will be accommodated as soon as practically possible with regards to your proposed start date. Reasons for wishing to train less than full time have been nationally agreed upon and are divided into two categories (outlined below).

The needs of trainees in category 1 will always take priority. Applications in category 2 may be considered but approval will depend on the capacity of the specific training programme and availability of resources.


Category 1 – Those doctors in training with:


- Disability

- Ill health

- Responsibility for caring for children (men and women)

- Primary carer for ill/disabled partner, relative or other dependent


Category 2 - Those doctors in training with:


- Unique opportunities: A doctor in training is offered a unique opportunity for their own personal/professional


  • Development and this will affect their ability to train full-time (e.g. training for national/international sporting events or a short-term extraordinary responsibility such as membership of a national committee or continuing medical research as a bridge to progression in integrated academic training).


  • Religious commitment: A doctor in training has a religious commitment that involves training for a particular role and requires a specific time commitment resulting in the need to work less than full- time.


  • Non-medical development: A doctor in training is offered non-medical professional development (e.g. management courses, law courses or fine arts courses) that requires a specific time commitment resulting in the need to work less than full-time.


  • Other well-founded reasons may be considered by the Postgraduate Dean in consultation with the GMC, but support will be dependent on the capacity of the programme and available resources as well as compliance with European legislation relating to CCT requirements.


Category 3

LTFT is being offered to trainees without a category 1 or 2 reason as part of the Enhancing Working Lives Project. It is being rolled out by specialty having been piloted first in Emergency Medicine. Details can be found at https://www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/doctors-training/enhancing-working-lives

How do I apply to train less than full time?
  • Whilst there are some extenuating circumstances and emergency situations, new LTFT training applications must be submitted a minimum of 16 weeks in advance of the trainees planned start date.

    To apply for LTFT training please read the guidance then fill out the application form and send to the relevant inbox, shown below, along with any required supporting documentation.

    Supporting documentation:

    Category 1:

  • Health based application: GP letter/hospital letter/occupational health report
  • Caring for relatives: A letter from your relative’s GP or Hospital confirming their needs


Category 2:

Documentation that will substantiate your application e.g. course information, sporting requirements and timetables

Please note that if you are on a Tier 2 visa, then your annual income, following the LTFT approval, excluding banding and on calls needs to satisfy the UK Border Agency Thresholds. Further information can be gained from the Tier 2 team https://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/tier_2

Please ensure all forms are submitted electronically to the correct LTFT mailbox with all mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk (*) completed

ALL Foundation Trainees

LTFTEast.yh@hee.nhs.uk (Hull Office)

HEE, Health House, Grange Park Lane, Willerby, Hull, HU10 6DT


West Trainees

LTFTWest.yh@hee.nhs.uk  (Leeds Office)

HEE, Willow Terrace Road, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT


South Trainees

LTFTSouth.yh@hee.nhs.uk (Sheffield Office)

HEE, Don Valley House, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ


North/East Yorkshire Trainees

LTFTEast.yh@hee.nhs.uk (Hull Office)

HEE, Health House, Grange Park Lane, Willerby, Hull, HU10 6DT


You are not eligible to commence LTFT training until you have received written HEE approval and your employer have been informed accordingly.


GMC position statement: Conditions for less than full-time training

This statement sets conditions for doctors in less than full-time (LTFT) training who are working towards a certificate of completion of training (CCT). It should be read with other legal obligations, for example the Equality Act 2010.

GMC Position Statement 


At what percentage of full time can I work?

LTFT training in HEEYH is normally supported in placements at 50%, 60%, 70% or 80% of full-time contracts. However other patterns of work can be supported if <50%

Day time working, on call and out of hours work should be undertaken on a basis pro-rata to full time trainees in the same grade and specialty. Trainees will either slot share or occupy a full time slot dependant on the capacity of the programme.

Should a trainee wish to train at a percentage other than 50%, 60%, 70% or 80% this will require written support from the TPD. Trainees must submit their request in writing to the local HEEYH LTFT Administrator.

If a trainee wishes to train at <50% then this will need approval from the Deputy Dean responsible for LTFT. The application should be forwarded to the Local HEEYH Administrator.

The GMC Postgraduate Board have issued a position statement determining that trainees will be required to undertake no less than 50% of full-time training. For the small number of trainees who experience exceptional difficulties, it has been agreed that Postgraduate Deans should have flexibility to reduce the time requirement further. The absolute minimum would be 20% of full-time training, with an expectation that trainees should not undertake a placement at this level for more than 12 months.

Can I appeal against HEE’s decision not to allow me access to apply for LTFT Training?

Yes, though it is recommended that you first attempt to resolve any issues informally in discussion with HEE. If agreement cannot be reached you may then wish to utilise the formal appeals process. The Appeals Process can be found documented at the bottom of this web page.

Can I work part time in another job whilst training less than full time?

LTFT trainees may now do additional paid work, including locums.  This will not count towards their training time and must comply with the terms of their contract.

The trainee should not feel pressurised to do additional work

If the trainee chooses to work additional hours, they should be paid for them

Additional work will form part of their practice, so they must declare it on their Form R.

The trainee has a professional duty to maintain patient safety and a healthy work/life balance

If the trainee is noted to be doing an excessive number of shifts, their eligibility for LTFT training may be questioned.

Any work undertake outside training should not impact negatively on training and must be done so in accordance to Good Medical Practice .

Guidance is available here https://www.copmed.org.uk/images/docs/publications/Guidance_on_Undertaking_Additional_Work_.pdf

Any work undertaken outside of training must be declared via submission of Form R.

What support is available at my Local Education provider?

You can get support from your Clinical Supervisor, Educational Supervisor and your peers. In addition, if needed, LTFT champions are senior points of contact in LEPs and they can advise and assist on behalf of current and potential LTFT trainees.

Can I choose my days? And will my days stay the same?

LTFT trainees have no right to choose their days ‘off’ and the days will remain the same. The work schedule should be arranged with the trainee’s supervisor and employers to arrange sessions around MDT and training requirements. The Trust Champion of Flexible Working can help adjudicate this decision.


Are you thinking about working Less Than Full Time?

Want to know how to apply?

Are you already working Less Than Full Time but want to know more?

Health Education England Yorkshire & Humber have arranged a free Less Than Full Time Workshop covering all aspects of LTFT, it will take place:

The workshop is a great opportunity to meet other LTFT trainees and to ask any questions you may have.

Places are limited and must be booked by emailing LTFTEast.YH@hee.nhs.uk

Please see the below leaflet with details of the facilitators / speakers. 

We look forward to you joining us at the workshop.