Becoming a Training Programme Director

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Mandatory Training for Training Programme Directors and Trainers

For all TPDs and Trainers


All trainers are required to complete the five MIAD eLearning modules and the face-to-face MIAD training, every five years. 

If you require log in details, please email with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Base (primary care practice details)
  • GDC Number
  • Email Address

All existing ESs who do not already have the PG Certificate in Healthcare Education, or similar, should sign up for the MIAD course.  Those with a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education, Clinical Education or Healthcare Education or higher may also benefit from MIAD as a refresher.


Those wishing to undertake a PGCME should discuss this with their TPD and, if suitable, would need to bid for funding via the Education, Research and Innovation Committee bidding process. Please note that the Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Education is not a requirement of becoming an Educational Supervisor.

This will only be supported if all of the MIAD modules have been completed. 

Equality and Diversity

All trainers must ensure that they have up-to-date Equality and Diversity training. 


All training courses are booked via Maxcourse.

CPD Requirements

Continuing Professional Development is a compulsory part of registering with the General Dental Council. CPD certification ensures that the dental team is properly trained to a high standard. It is also a way of making sure all members of the team update their knowledge and skills; giving patients confidence in dental treatment and care in the UK. Continuing Professional Development is defined as anything from studying and reading journals to training courses and seminars which help advance your development as a dental professional.

All dentists must complete and keep records of 250 hours of CPD over five years with a minimum of 100 hours verifiable CPD.
All dental nurses must complete and keep records of 150 hours of CPD over five years with a minimum of 50 hours verifiable CPD.

Dentists must maintain their own CPD records and you must keep your CPD records for at least five years after the end of the period in which they were completed. Dentists must submit an annual statement of their completed CPD hours each year

The GDC will monitor compliance by random sampling of dentists' CPD records

Failure to comply with the requirements may lead to erasure from the Dentists Register

All dentists taking time off the Register must demonstrate compliance with CPD when they re-apply

The GDC recommends you complete a minimum number of verifiable hours per CPD cycle in three core subjects. 

  • Medical Emergencies (at least 10 hours per CPD cycle)
  • Disinfection & Decontamination (at least 5 hours per CPD cycle)
  • Radiography & Radiation protection (at least 5 hours per CPD cycle)

In addition, the General Dental Council (GDC) recommends that dental professionals working in a clinical environment carry out CPD (verifiable or general) to make sure they are up to date in Legal and Ethical Issues, Handling Complaints and Oral Cancer: Improving Early Detection.

The GDC also recommends the use of a Personal Development Plan (PDP) so that all members of the dental team benefit as much as possible from their CPD. 

For more information on CPD, such as the dates when your CPD cycle starts or how to keep record of your CPD activity, go to the General Dental Council’s website.

Contact Details

Dental Support 
Responsible for the training of all junior doctors and dentists. 

Dental Education Team 
Responsible for organising all training courses. 

Quality Team 
Responsible for trust/practice and trainer approval. 

Dental Recruitment 
Responsible for organising recruitment of all junior doctors and dentists. 

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