Postgraduate Teaching in Leeds

All face-to-face teaching has been cancelled due to Covid-19.  In its place there is weekly virtual teaching on Zoom.  

When: Tuesday afternoons, 14:30.  Details can be found on the google drive and facebook page (soon migrating to JISCmail - contact your Postgraduate Teaching Leads for details on how to sign up to the mailing list)

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Teaching Timetable 

Please note the recordings will only be available for 6 months from the date of recording during the COVID-19 lockdown.  These can be accessed via the Google drive (contact your ROTC rep or Postgraduate Teaching Leed for access).

24/04/2020: Inherited eye disease, Kamron Khan, Raj Mukherjee and Martin Mckibbin

31/03/2020: Part 1 Club Rehna Khan with special guest Dan Nolan (Senior Examiner Part 1 FRCophth) 

07/04/2020: Neuro-ophthalmology Extravaganza! Greg Heath   POSTPONED - LOOK OUT FOR FUTURE DATE

14/04/2020: Digital Grand Round.  Vernon Long (T.P.D North Y&H)

21/04/2020: Tales of Trauma  Jim Innes Simulation advisor HILS

28/04/2020: Q&A on preparing for the refraction exam.  Luke Clifford (Senior Examiner Refraction), Consultant Ophthalmologist, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and 

How to stay fresh in the face of Covid, David Burton, Consultant Ophthalmologist, York

05/05/2020: Journal Club – John Buchan

12/05/2020: “Key points in the Management of diabetic macular oedema” Fahd Quhill Consultant Ophthalmologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals 

19/05/2020:  Preparing for your virtual ARCP,  Rehna Khan.  Changes to the ARCP this year to reduce the burden on trainees

26/05/2020: Regional Ophthalmology Emergencies Series, Managing Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma, Mr. Norman Litvin, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust

09/06/2020: “There is nothing normal about normal tension glaucoma.” Mr David Burton (Consultant Ophthalmologist,  York

16/06/2020:  ARCPs (North PGT) One to one ARCP feedback via zoom for each trainee with one senior faculty member (1.30-2.30pm), Email from HEE programme support team  with codes to follow

23/06/2020: ARCPs (South PGT) One to one ARCP feedback via zoom for each trainee with one senior faculty member (1.30-2.30pm) & Launch of “Soap box” Short talks (Mr. James Innes, TBC)

Social Networking Zoom Session for Trainees

30/06/2020:  Launch of new School of  Ophthalmology Website (TBC), Graham Auger, Rimi Hom-Choudhury, Marion Sikuade and Ruth Jones & “Help, my child cannot see” Mrs. Anamika Tandon, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals 

07/07/2020: Landmark glaucoma studies, glaucoma masquerades and optic nerves assessment- Josh Pilling, ST7 Trainee and Mr. Pouya Alaghband, Consultant York Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

14/07/20:  Secondary Lens Implant Options for the Aphakic Eye, Yashin Ramkissoon, Sheffield Teaching Hospital


We are hoping to deliver as much content as possible virtually, going forward.