Vision statement

Our core value is to benefit children in the region by providing excellent training opportunities for future paediatricians, many of whom will stay within the region. We take pride in our high quality training that ensures our CCT holders have the knowledge and people skills required to work as effective Paediatricians.

We aim to work collaboratively with all training units to create a holistic training environment that allows for optimal learning and takes the needs of adult learners into account.

The paediatric trainee is at the heart of our efforts and we aim to provide an excellent learning environment, taking personal requirements into account, as this results in happier and better trained doctors.





School of Paediatrics Newsletter November 2019

                                                                                                                     Do you have news to share? Contact the School of Paediatrics website                                  

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                                                                                                                    October Newsletter                              

Welcome to HEYH School of Paediatics newsletter. Please contact the team if you have news to share or want to contribute.   

The Newsletter will be updated on a monthly basis and aims to highlight news and events from across the region and country.    

Future Leaders Programme- Paediatric Posts

Future Leaders Programme recruitment opens 28th October. To apply please click on the future Leaders Programme link above.

Paediatric jobs:

1. Clinical Leadership and Management Fellow – Paediatric Emergency Department and Children’s Assessment Unit Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

2. Leadership Fellow to further medical social accountability, Paediatric Community, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

3. Leadership Fellow - Neonatal Quality Improvement Hull University Teaching Hospitals





School of Paediatrics 10th Annual Meeting - 2019

A fantastic conference organised by trainees for trainees. This year's theme is Unsung Heroes of Paediatrics. This is also a fantastic oppurtunity to submit work and abstracts are currenlty being accepted.
13th November 2019 Harrogate
Registration now closed.

Improving Retention in Paediatrics

RCPCH President, Professor Vine talks about the challenges of a career in paediatrics. Recruitment is being improved but retention is also needed.

The RCPCP website also has resources for helping trainees and consultants of all levels to thrive in paediatrics and can be found here. It may be titled survive and thrive but lets focus on the positives in this newsletter!


National Education and Training Survey

In November last year HEE launched the National Education and Training Survey to capture feedback from all multidisciplinary learners across the country. NETS will be live this year from November 11 for four weeks. 



TPD Clinics

All Paediatric TPDs can be contacted for questions and advice regarding training.
TPD Clinics are being held across the region. Click on the link for more information.

Please help complete Trainee Surveys- Click here for list on ongoing surveys



Upcoming Events

9th November, Birmingham Children's Hospital
13th November, Majestic Hotel in Harrogate
15 November, Met Hotel, Leeds, UK
29th November, Birmingham Children's Hospital
3rd December, Garland Gallery, Leeds Children's Hospital
Paediatric SupporTT 27th January, Barnsley Hospital
28th January, Sheffield
Paediatric SupporTT 17th March, Barnsley Hospital
Paediatric SupporTT 19th May, Barnsley Hospital
Paediatric SupporTT 10th July/17th September/16th Novmber, Barnsley Hospital