Doctors in training may experience difficulties and need extra help and support to perform competently and progress through the training programme. Intervention through early identification, clarification of level of concern, proper assessment and support during such periods is an essential part of training and maintaining patient safety.

Difficulties should first be discussed with Clinical Supervisors and/or Educational Supervisors. Training Program Directors (TPD) can also be contacted.

TPD clinics are currently being held across the region- for information contact Paediatric Support Team. 

HEYH Guidance can help advice and support educators and learners to acces the correct support and take the necessary actions. 

HEYH website has a range of resources that can be found in the Learner Support


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Well-Being Resources

Resources for Training Support can be found here.

Well being resources for trainees are explained in the attached document below:

Well-being resources.pdf


What is mindfulness?



Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment without judgement and with kindness and curiosity.

Mindfulness helps you become more self-aware, feel calmer and less stressed, be more able to choose how to respond, cope with difficult or unhelpful thoughts and be kinder towards yourself.

Is mindfulness right for me?

Anybody can try mindfulness and it can practised by anyone at any time (it’s not just about sitting on a mat in a quiet room!), but it is a skill and does require practice! It may not be for everybody, but if you’re looking for a method to help you manage workplace stress and improve your quality of life, then you might like to take this great opportunity to explore it for yourself.


For more information, please contact Dr Sanjay Suri, or Rachael Garside,   Book your place through Medical Maxcourse. Please look for SuppoRTT: An Introduction To Mindfulness

Trainee Support policies from HEYH

Policies regarding whistleblowing, complaints and indemnity advice can be found here

Counselling Services in Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

Workplace Wellbeing is a professional counselling and consultancy service to help doctors in difficulty deal with personal or work-related stress and psychological trauma relating to work roles. The service aims to help doctors improve psychological health and stay psychologically healthy. One-to-one counselling is provided on a confidential self-referral basis. The counselling is short-term.

This service is also funded directly by Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber and is available to trainees in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Please telephone:  0114 226 1810

Or at:

Workplace Wellbeing
30 Wilkinson Street
Sheffield  S10 2GB

Opening hours:

8.15 am to 7.15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays
8.45 am to 5 pm for the rest of the week


For more details of these services, please contact either service.


Counselling Service: N, W & E Yorks and N Lincs

Take Time

Medical work is inherently stressful and you may find you need help with work-related and/or personal difficulties which can often cause anxiety, stress, depression and unhappiness.

Take Time is a confidential service specifically for junior doctors and dentists within Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber (HEE YH).

The service offers 2 assessment sessions initially, with the option of subsequent  time limited sessions.  For people who live far from Leeds we may be able to offer telephone consultations after the initial assessment.

The service is funded by HEE YH, and provided by a collaboration between the University of Leeds Student Counselling Service and The Psychological Therapy Service, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Take Time appointments take place at either of our two venues; you will be told which venue to attend when an appointment is booked for you:

Dr V Luthra 

Department of Pyschotherapy

St Mary's House, South Wing

St Mary's Road



Dr A Menon & Ms Oxley

Student Counselling & Wellbeing Service

University of Leeds

19-21 Clarendon Place




If you would like to book an appointment with the Take Time team, please complete our self-referral form.

Please note that at times of increasing demand, it may take approximately 3 weeks for the Take Time Service to come back to you.  If you need to seek advice or support more urgently, please contact your GP. 

Please click on the following link to view the Take Time Privacy Notice.  

Please also note that counselling services are available to all trainees in Yorkshire and the Humber via the Workplace Wellbeing service based in the South, more information is available below under the Counselling Service: South Yorkshire tab.


External Support Resources


And for specific groups:

  • NHS England Service - specific support for trainees in General Practice.
  • Overseas Doctors Community Site - a very useful site with a wide range of advice. However, the jokes section contains material that may be considered offensive - as per our disclaimer below, the Deanery in no way endorse this material.
  • HOPE for disabled doctors - support and advice for disabled individuals and their employers / professional bodies.
GMC: The reflective practitioner - workshop

Use the material on this link to deliver case study-led workshops which explore how and why we use reflection, and the methods we can use to do it successfully.