Special Arrangements.

There are a number of opportunities available to enhance your training, please see the list below for details.

Less Than Full Time Training

This is fully supported across the deanery and is almost always accommodated as a job slot (two individuals combing to fill one post).

Applicants wishing to work less than full time need to apply as early as possible with HEE YH. See the policies section for more information.

As this is usually related to post-maternity leave returns this normally gives plenty of advanced warning to arrange appropriates job shares. With limited notice, there may be occasional delay in transition to less than full time training, whilst appropriate job shares are organised.

It is recommended that all potential LTFT trainees read the College guidance on flexible training RCPCH Flexible training.

Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health

Paediatric trainees in the Yorkshire and Humber region will attend the two year part time PGDip Child Health programme run by the University of Leeds. This course is designed to meet the training needs for paediatricians from ST4-ST6.

The course takes place on a Wednesday and is normally held in Leeds, of which there are 30 teaching days per year. Trainees' study leave allowance will be used to meet the costs of the course.

For more information click here for the course outline

Acting Up

Acting up to consultant posts may be available during the latter stages of training. 

HEE YH has published guidelines and an application form which you should consult if this is of interest to you. See the policies section for more information.

Should you have any questions about acting up, please discuss them with your Training Programme Director in the first instance.  Should you have any administrative queries, contact the scheme administrator Danielle Oxley who will be able to advise. 

Out of Programme Experience

The School of Paediatrics looks favourably on out of programme experience (OOPE). However it is important to understand that all OOPE must not only be approved by the School but also by the Postgraduate Dean and GMC. It is clear that the period of OOPE must be relevant to the training of the applicant and must offer a definite advantage in the form of different or new experience which is not obtainable in Yorkshire. In the past Postgraduate Deans are reluctant to approve anything which lengthens the time to complete training (with exception of PhDs). In general it is recommended that OOPE is taken after ST3 but this is open to discussion. In all cases an e-portfolio must be maintained through the period and appropriate assessments completed. Planning for OOPE needs to be started well in advance of the potential start date.


Common requests for OOPE include:

1. Opportunity for overseas experience (see here for Tropical Paediatric Scholarship). This may be in a tropical country or within a well established unit where there is approval for training from the host country (e.g. Melbourne Children’s Hospital).

2. Experience in specific areas of paediatrics not part of the established run through programme or the National Grid (e.g. special expertise in Cardiology training or attachment to Great Ormond Street Hospital, anaesthetic training for those wanting to apply to NG in PICU)

3. Research as part of a PhD programme or specific academic training.


The School is hoping to gradually build up a portfolio of extra training opportunities either within Yorkshire, nationally or overseas. Health Education England forms for OOPE are available via the web site. All trainees will be kept informed of future developments and details will be added to the web site.