Less Than Full Time Training

Health Education England, working across Yorkshire and the Humber (HEEYH) offers support to all trainees who, for well-founded individual reasons, wish to be considered for Less than Full-time Training (LTFT). The key aims of LTFT training are:

• To retain doctors within the NHS workforce who are unable to train on a full-time basis

• To promote career development and work/life balance for doctors training within the NHS

• To ensure continued training in programmes on a time-equivalent (pro rata) basis

• To maintain a balance in LTFT arrangements with regards to educational needs and those of the service

In general, as clearly there are some extenuating circumstances and emergency situations, new LTFT training applications must be submitted a minimum of 16 weeks in advance of the trainees planned start date. This also includes proposed changes to current percentages (increase or decrease).


For information regarding LTFT category 3 expansion please click here.