Study Leave

The following information and downloadable forms are pertinent to all doctors and dentists in training in Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber.

All trainees must follow the Local Education Provider (LEP) application process for formal authorisation when making all applications to access education and training events occurring outside the workplace. Wherever possible, this will involve using the form in use at the LEP (Hospital or Practice) where you are working when the leave will be taken.  A generic application form is available.

In line with all other specialties, Y&H GP School policy is that GP trainees need to get sign off from their educational supervisor and TPD for any study leave requested.

View a list of Training Programme Directors and Deputy Training Programme Directors below.

View a flowchart of the steps to be taken to obtain approval. 

View the study leave arrangements for trainees who are part of the Future Leaders Programme.

HEE Study Leave Guidance