Deferring the start of a specialty training programme

The start of training for both core and specialty training may normally only be deferred on statutory grounds (e.g. maternity/paternity/adoption leave, ill health). 

Deferral of the start of training applies equally to trainees who have returned to programme following a prior period of statutory leave as well as to applicants for whom the period of statutory leave coincides with the proposed start date of the programme.

One such example would be if an applicant has had a period of statutory leave for six months during the final year of core training and thus requires an additional six months to complete the training, providing they otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for specialty recruitment, they can apply for and be appointed to a specialty post and defer the specialty training start date by six months.

The period of deferral would not normally exceed one year. However, in exceptional circumstances and with the Postgraduate Dean’s approval, it could be extended to a maximum of two years before the doctor would need to reapply for a training post.

All applicants applying for non-statuary deferral must indicate this at time of application by answering YES to the question "Do you wish to apply for a deferred start?" in the Oriel application.

To request a deferral for your training, please complete the below request form and return to