Meet some of the Educational Supervisors

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Victor Joseph - Consultant in Public Health - Doncaster Council


Victor is an experienced Educational Supervisor in Doncaster Council which is known to be a very welcoming training placement. The Doncaster Public Health teams' values are their relentless kindness, a positive, proactive and inclusive attitude, and a willingness to learn by doing. Victor has a particular interest in health protection. He also chairs the Faculty of Public Health’s Africa Special Interest Group.


Carrie Abbott - Consultant in Public Health - Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council


Carrie has worked in and around public health for over 25 years, in a range of settings including the voluntary sector, the NHS and since 2013, Local Government. Carrie is currently a Consultant in Public Health, employed at Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council as Service Director for Public Health and Regulation which is part of a large directorate including Health Protection, Health Improvement, Healthcare Public Health, Public Health Nursing Services and Regulatory Services.


Duncan Cooper - Consultant in Public Health - Bradford Council



Duncan Cooper works as a Consultant in Public Health in Bradford Local Authority. His job is very much a leadership role across the local Authority, NHS and communities for children and young people’s public health. This involves close working with schools, service providers and the local Bradford Institute for Health Research. He also manages the Public Health intelligence function for the council.  


Anna Hartley - Director of Public Health - Wakefield District Council



Anna Hartley has been the Director of Public Health for Wakefield District since 2018. She previously worked there as a Public Health Consultant having completed the Public Health training scheme in 2013. She has worked in a number of sectors including for a charity in Leeds, the NHS, the Police and the Local Authority.  Her interests include community engagement, evaluation and the integration of health and social care services. She likes being outside and is a very slow runner, novice gardener and enthusiastic dog walker.