Key Contact

The Head of School for public health training in Yorkshire and the Humber is Val Barker

Contact: Amanda Cartwright 

School Structure

The school is lead and supported by:

Head of School: Val Barker

Training Programme Directors: Shirley Brierley and Susan Hird

Programme Support Co-ordinator:  Naomi Koziol

Programme Support Officer: Amanda Cartwright 

To contact the programme support team, click here . We aim to respond to all queries to the school mailbox within 3 working days of receipt, but it is usually within 24 hours.


There are several committees within the school:

School Management Committee

Chair: Val Barker 

Faculty Advisor: Phil Ayers 

Dental: Jenny Godson 

Training Advisory Group

Chair: Carrie Abbott

Specialist Registrar Committee (SRC)

SRC Co-chairs: Claire Gilbert and Jaimee Wylam

IT/ePortfolio Rep: Kirsten Rivelin

Academic Rep: Clare Foster

PHE Reps (includes Health Protection & wider educational opps): Matt Greensmith and Andy Irvine

DFPH exam (previously Part A) Coordinator: Helen Watson and Richard James

MFPH exam (previously Part B) Coordinator: Gill Kelly

BMA Rep: Nina Amedzro

Conference Reps 2021/22: Charlotte Crocker, Emily Reed, Jess Dunphy

Social secretary: Jaimee Wylam

Global Health Champion: Nina Putnis

Sustainability Champion: Rachel Crossley

Practitioner Programme: Michelle Horridge

Equality, diversity and inclusion reps: Alex Macnamara and Shannon Kennedy