Arrangements during Covid-19. 

All ARCP panels will be held remotely with trainees not attending.  Trainees must familiarise themselves with the guidance recently published on the HEE Appraisal & Assessment webpages

The annual ARCP date for the three schemes are currently scheduled as follows: 


Panel date 

Portfolio submission / lockdown date 


9th July 2020 – POSTPONED 

Date tbc. 



25th August 2020 

11th August 2020 


22nd October 2020 

30th September 2020 


Please ensure the relevant panel & portfolio lockdown dates are in your diaries. 

In the short-term, the pages relating to each scheme’s ARCP dates have been removed. Please refer to this page and the main HEE ARCP webpage, referred to above, which detail how ARCP panels will run for the remainder of the year. 

Trainees due to CCT in 2020 

As in previous years, each TPD will look to hold separate CCT panels for any trainee whose CCT date does not fit with their annual panel date. TPDs are confirming how the CCT process will work with the RCR and confirmation of these panel dates will be published shortly. 


Trainee preparation 

All trainees will have an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) at the end of the training year. There are separate ARCP panels for the three training schemes and in each scheme the ARCP process relies upon a structured report of the years training produced by the Educational Supervisor. Trainees will be informed by individual schemes the addtional evidence they have to provide for the process and most trainees have a face to face ARCP interview every year. The ARCP forms are completed in Kaizen prior to the ARCP interview and trainees should be aware of the outcome before they attend for interview. 

The majority of ARCPs are held at a single annual panel for each Scheme. The local pages that follow give full details. But trainees should note that some ARCP reviews may occur at other times. At ARCP the trainee's e-Portfolio will be reviewed and it is important that trainees demonstrate engagement with and appropriate progression through training using the full range of assessments available in the e-portfolio, these include:

  • RAD DOPs - numbers as specified by your training scheme
  • MINI IPXs - numbers as specified by your training scheme
  • Multi-source feedback - one completed per year
  • Audit/Quality Improvement project - at least one completed per year
  • Teaching assessment - at least two completed per year
  • In addition, it is now a requirement of the RCR that trainees are involved in at least one research project during their training, and evidence of this should be provided
  • Clinical supervisor's reports (induction, mid and end of attachment, for each attachment)
  • Educational supervisor's reports (induction, mid and end of year reports, plus ES annual structured report)
  • GMC survey receipt
  • Revalidation form R

Individual training schemes set target numbers for trainee plain film reporting through the year, and it is important that trainees achieve these. The targets themselves are set locally and it is important that trainees familiarise themselves with what is expected.