National Railway Museum, York  -  Thursday 2nd May 2019


The School conference is the annual opportunity for trainees to meet with their peers and to present and showcase recent research and quality improvement work they have been undertaking. This year the Conference will be held at the National Railway Musuem, York.

Please note that this event will only be open to current faculty members and trainees within the Yorkshire & Humber region. External registrations will be rejected until we are sure all current school members have had the opportunity to register places. Any external queries about booking a place should be sent to the School mailbox before completing the registration process.



Registration is now closed as all places have been taken. Anyone who is still keen to attend should email the School mailbox and you will be added to the reserve list and as any spaces become available you will be notified. Trainees and faculty staff who plan to attend must have registered their place first. 

Please do not just turn up on the day - there is no guarantee that there will be sufficient space and we want to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of turning people away at the door. Due to limited capacity there is a limit of 100 spaces available and these have been booked on a first come/first serve basis. 


Submission of Abstracts for Posters and Presentations

The deadline for submitting abstracts has now closed. Trainees have been notified whether the abstract has been accepted along with logistical and preparatory requirements. A copy of the abstracts for both presentations and posters is available at the foot of this page.



The Conference programme is available. Please scroll down to the bottom of this webpage.


Getting to the National Railway Museum and Car Parking

You can find out how best to get to the Railway museum here. The Museum recommends that attendees come by rail as York Station is round the corner from the museum. But those who are driving can use the visitors car park and the fee displayed around the car park will be waived for Conference delegates. Details will be given during the Conference on how this works - rapt attention will be needed!


Feedback and Certificates

As with earlier Conferences, attendance certificates will not be available on the day, due to other work priorities within the School programme support team.

Feedback will be submitted online this year and can be accessed here The form goes live at 1.30pm on the day of the Conference and the link will also be sent to attendees shortly after the Conference ends. This will allow attendees to submit feedback during the day or after the event, rather than rushing to complete a form at the end of the day.  

Previous events have had as little as 30%-40% feedback responses. We will therefore continue with the 2018 system whereby certificates will be issued after a feedback form is submitted. This is an attempt to increase the level of feedback we receive.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


Future careers

A small number of local NHS Trusts sometimes attend the Conference to offer advice on possible future careers and post-training opportunities to trainees. Details will appear here shortly as well as appearing in the programme when published.


Any other queries about this event can be sent to the School email address.