Interventional Radiology (IR) is a sub-specialty of Clinical Radiology (CR).  It encompasses all aspects of IR - vascular (VIR), non-vascular (NVIR) and neurointervention (INR).  

Sub-specialist training in IR requires completion of 3 years of Core radiology training (ST1-3) followed by 3 years of sub-specialty IR training (ST4-6).  IR trainees move from the RCR Clinical Radiology to the RCR Interventional Radiology curriculum once they reach ST4 and, on completion of training, will receive CCT in Clinical Radiology (IR).

IR training in HEEYH benefits from a nationally recognised IR training faculty.  Training in all aspects of IR is available within the School.

IR training commences during core training and is then developed further during sub-specialty training.  The School currently has funded IR sub-specialty posts in all 3 localities - 3 in West, 3 in South, 2 in East.  There are also funded training posts in INR with opportunities for INR trainees to rotate through all 3 localities to maximise their training experience.

The School is also currently piloting an Enhanced IR Training pathway to provide earlier and sustained exposure to IR for trainees who have an IR interest from the outset of their training.