This section provides links to HEE YH and School contacts and Surgery related sites.

School Contacts

School Contacts.

Head of School Mr Paul Renwick

Deputy Head of School Mr Mark Steward

HEE YH Contacts

Programme Support Manager Emma James

Programme Support Coordinator Naomi Koziol

Programme Support Officer Anita Relins

Programme Support Officer - T&O Amanda Cartwright

Programme Leads

Training Committee Chairs and Programme Directors


Specialty Chair of STC Programme Director
Core Surgery
Michael Ho
Karen Maude
Andrew Williams
Cardiothoracic Surgery Mahmoud Loubani   Mahmoud Loubani
ENT   Jaydip Ray
General Surgery Paul Finan Nandan Haldipur
Neurosurgery Nick Phillips Nick Phillips
OMFS James Taylor Stephen Crank
Paediatric Surgery Sean Marven Sean Marven
Plastic Surgery Ian Smith Ian Smith
Trauma and Orthopaedics  Kevin Wembridge Kevin Wembridge
Urology Andrew Myatt Fady Youssef
Vascular Surgery Marco Baroni Marco Baroni