Further Information

Yorkshire & Humber Training Programme Director 

Mr S Marven
Consultant Paediatric Surgeon,
Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust


Paediatric Surgery Consortium Lead TPD

Mr A Rajimwale
Consultant Paediatric Surgeon & Urologist,
University Hospitals Of Leicester NHS Trust


The training programme in Paediatric Surgery is currently an indicative 6 years’ duration. Programmes are designed to provide exposure to a wide range of surgical problems in children during training. The training program comprises four stages: initial, intermediate, final and special interest.

  • The initial stage (CT1 and 2) is the early phase and comprises training in surgery in general and is encompassed by core surgical training.
  • The intermediate stage (ST3 and 4) introduces specialist paediatric surgical skills.
  • The final stage (ST5 and 6) develops these specialist skills further.
  • The special interest stage (ST7 and 8) enables further development of paediatric specialisation and consolidation of specialist skills and forms the transition to CCT.

Entry into specialty training is by competitive selection at ST3 level and is co-ordinated by Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Currently specialist training in paediatric surgery in the UK is organised into six consortia consisting of grouped Local Education Training Boards. Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber is coupled with Health Education East Midlands and Health Education North East.

Trainees rotate through the following hospitals: Leeds General Infirmary, Sheffield Children's Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Nottingham University Hospital, and Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle.